Testimonial: D. C
Date of surgery: 21h July 2006

"I Iive in Scotland. I am 30 years old and been wanting to do a nose job since I was 14. I spoke to my sister to find out a good doctor whom I could operate with. That is when she spoke to a friend of hers and indicated me Dr. Maurino Joffily. The friend said that he was an excellent, very talented and very caring professional. So than I contacted him and realised that he was for fact the one I wanted to operate me. I canít ever be thankful enough for all his time, concern and great skills. It totally exceeded my expectations!
Not only I did a nose job but also operated my ears. He simply transmitted me so much trust.

He was also amazingly patient as I emailed him so many questions. My answers were always with me the same day. The support he gave me before and after I am always to be thankful for.

The bruises were away 5, 6 days later. I had friends that operated with other surgeons that had bruises still a month after. That for me shows that he is an excellent professional and knows his skills more than well.

My ears look beautiful and my nose perfect! Totally natural. In great harmony with my face. Dr. Maurino Joffily could not have been any nicer. His hands are gold! I will definitely recommend him to others... "

Patient of Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty Edinburgh, Scotland
United Kingdom


Sao Paulo, 11 th September 2006

Since the first contact with doctor Maurino, I was delighted with his affection and his technical knowledge, giving me self-assurance to proceed with one surgery never carried through before. Since the first consultation, all my doubts had been elucidated, reducing my anxiety and leaving me more confident with the surgery.

I always believe that the differential of Dr. Maurino is the total integration of doctor-patient, who lines up the expectations of the patient to the safe conditions of the surgery, in line with the best result. The synergy between the team is another differential, preparing me of the best form and also, following me in the days after.

I am thankful to Dr. Maurino for all its professionalism and I indicate him to the people who want to get resulted incredible and in a safe way.

Regards, Marina


St Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 U.S.A.

To whom it may concern,

In February 2004 Doctor Maurino Joftily Neto performed cosmetic surgery on my nose. Every aspect of this event was handled with great professionalism, from the time I met Maurino to discuss the procedure, to the follow ups during the recovery period.

Not only is Maurino a skilled plastic surgeon but he also possesses great people skills/bedside manners to make the patient feel comfortable during the whole process. I give my strongest recommendation for him to practice medicine in the United Kingdom Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.